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Japanese chess set

Japanese chess set in a fitted box. The Samurai themed set is completely hand carved, and each piece is unique; the kings are 128mm tall with a base of 60mm x 60mm and are depicted as Samurai warlords; the bishops are scribes or sages, knights as mounted warriors, the rooks are braziers and each pawn is depicted as a battle banner or house "mons" showing the clan sign of those engaged in the conflict.

The set represents the Battle of Arita-Nakaide which took place in 1517 between the forces of Takeda Motoshige and Mori Motonari. The scene carved on top and front of the box depicts the inhabitants of a castle under siege venturing out to attack the besieging forces as happened in the above mentioned battle. The fitted box and lid for the set are box signed in Japanese.

The set is probably from the mid 20th century. The box measures 36 x 26 x 16cm.

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