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Anri King Richard, circa 1967-1979

ANRI King Richard Hand Carved Wood Chess Set.Over 100 years ago in the Tyrolean region of Italy, Anton Riffeser founded a wood carving company dedicated to producing the finest wood carvings anywhere. His carvings were of unmatched quality and remain so today. The company name was shortened to ANRI and is now famous the world over for its exquisite artworks.Over the years ANRI has produced many fine chess sets all of which have become prized collector items. This particular set: the King Richard (#718-090) was issued from 1962 until discontinued in 1986. The king is 4" tall and all pieces are hand carved wood then painted.

The theme is Medieval.The box has trays which are divided into partitions for the pieces.The ANRI stamp/logo is on the rear base of each king

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