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Fürstenberg Biscuit Porcelain Chess Set, Circa 1957

A rare Fürstenberg Biscuit Porcelain chess set “Made in Germany” around 1950. The castings are a highly fired mint Green and White glazed parian. The king is modeled after Duke Karl I of Brunswick the queen as his consort, Phillipine Charlotte. The bishops represent Johann George von Langen, and the knights are horse heads. The rooks are modeled as castles with conical spires. The pawns are young peasants with flails. Each base bears the Fürstenberg stylized upper case “F” stamp in a dark blue glaze. The king stands 3 3/4″tall with a 1 9/16″ base.

The faces have very fine detail. All pieces are as new. The chess pieces are housed in their original leather-covered, compartmented case with a felt-bottomed glass chessboard measuring 15-3/4″ square with matching 2″ green and white squares. The storage case measures 17-1/2″ square and is in perfect condition. The factory at Fürstenberg was founded in 1747 under the Duke of Braunschweig but no porcelain was made until after 1753. The pieces from the Fürstenberg Biscuit Porcelain chess set are cast from the original 18th century mold to commemorate the bicentenary of the Fürstenberg factory in 1947.

Vasily Smyslov was pictured playing with this set at the 1968 Chess Olympiad in Lugano.

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