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German Porcelain Chess Set by Karl Ens, Mid 20th Century

A German porcelain chess set made by Karl Ens in Rudolstadt. The two sides are shown as medieval courts, one side partly coloured in brown, the other partly coloured in blue with golden and silver details. The set came in a fitted box with artificial leather surface and two trays for the pieces fitted with blue satin. King size is 11.5 cm (4.5").

The kings are depicted as medieval rulers, the brown king with a sword, the blue one with a scroll. The queens with long robes and crown. The rooks are represented as towers, the blue rook with a tent roof, the brown rook with a kind of onion roof similar to a Welsh spire. The knights as horse heads on an elongated base. The bishops as courtiers, the brown bishop represented as a bard with a lute, the blue bishop represented as a scribe or messenger with a scroll in his hand. The pawns as simple foot soldiers, the brown pawns with a short tunic and an axe in their left hand, the blue pawns with a long cape and an axe in their right hand.

Many thanks to Holger Langer for the description and some photos.

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