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Lladró King Richard, 1970

Lladró Porcelain Chessmen (4833) representing King Richard’s Court. These elegant Medieval Chessmen were produced by the well known and respected Spanish Porcelain Company, Lladró. This set of polychrome chessmen features a 7″ King with a 2.4″ diameter base. The underside of each of the chess pieces bears markings from the factory and the sculptor.

These Lladró chessmen were modeled after Richard the Lionheart. Richard I, who stood a towering 6′-5′ tall, was King of England from 1189 until his death on April 6, 1199, in Châlus, France. He also ruled as Duke of Normandy, Aquitaine and Gascony, Lord of Cyprus, Count of Poitiers, Anjou, Maine, and Nantes, and was overlord of Brittany at various times during this time. The Issue year for this series is prior to 1972. The sculptor is Juan Ignacio Aliena. Although created in the twentieth century, these designs are influenced by the style of Europe’s Mannerist period (c. 1520–1600). The paintings of El Greco and other Spanish Mannerist artists featured people with characteristics typical of Lladró figurines.

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