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Law & Order Chess Set by Doug Anderson, circa 2010

A very rare, Limited Edition, Doug Anderson Law and Order Chess Set, signed “Anderson”. An Incredible, humoristic and charming chess set. Every piece tells a story. Two different worlds clashing, the Lawful and the Outlaws.

Pieces vary in height, the tallest at over 8" and are mounted on a 2.5" round pedestals, one side black the other white. The board, size 24" x 24" with 3" squares, is marked with Anderson s sticker on the underside. All is housed-encased in a 24.5" Plexiglass dome, approx. 11" tall, for protection and display.

The Laws: King-Detective, Queen-Judge, Bishops-Attorneys, Knights-Courtroom officers, Rooks-On the witness stand. Pawns-Various individuals from the courtroom and law enforcement.

The Outlaws: King-Masked robber, Queen- (need to explain?), Bishops-shop lifter and cat burler on a roof, Knights-at the mug shots, Rooks-escapees under and over the wall. Pawns-Various criminal acts.

This set was hand made by Doug Anderson and one piece is signed. The set is numbered 128 of a limited production of 500, out of which only 250 were produced. It is made of Forton (cold cast porcelain) then hand painted.
This set is a statement piece for any room and a fabulous acquisition for an Art, Chess collector or anyone in the legal field.

Description and photos by Israel Raphaelli

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