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Copper, Brass, Wood by Andrzej Nowakowscy

A wonderful hand made chess set by Magda and Andrzej Nowakowscy of Warsaw Poland in 1977. The two camps represent Medieval-Viking figures. One side in copper, the other side in brass. Each piece is made of Brass and Copper and elaborated in details with decorative materials as needed.

The 19" x 19" Board is hinged to the box and made of alternating squares of copper and brass. It features embedded medallions and design elements such as weapons, swords and axes. The corners are further decorated with beautiful turquoise gemstones.

The case-box, about 5" deep, weighing 16 LB, can open to provide ample storage space to house the chess pieces and is padded with fabric of chess design. Each piece is marked on the base with the artists names. The pieces are unique, rich with expression and whimsical and no two are alike, all hand made.

Andrzej Jerzy Nowakowski was born on October 2, 1938 in Lublin, Poland. He graduated from the State High School of Visual Arts in Warsaw earning very high marks in artistic subjects - drawing, painting and sculpture. In the years 1957-1966 he devoted himself exclusively to artistic creation making watercolors and oil paintings, and drawing sketches and comics. During this period he discovered artistic metallic elastoplast, which became his love and passion lasting until the end of his life. He created the first works in metal: jewelry (bracelets, rings, brooches and necklaces) and what became the hallmark of his entire work - unique figurines.

The artistic value of these small sculptures, in which the artist made human life, sometimes grotesquely and amusingly, was noticed in 1966 by a visual artist prof. Adam Jabłoński, chairman of the ORNO Cooperative Council. At ORNO Andrzej Nowakowski worked for five years, learning the technologies and secrets of the profession of the artist-metalwork. Already in 1967 he obtained a professional diploma in the goldsmith trade and in 1973 together with his wife Magda Strzelecka, he opened his own goldsmith workshop, which became famous for its unique metal-plastic products, loaded with fanciful elegance and communicative form. Andrzej Nowakowski has been awarded many awards and diplomas for his creative work, including the Silver Cross of Merit. He ran the laboratory until his death in 2008.

Additional info: 2019.

Many thanks to Israel Raphaelli for the description and the photos.

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