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Louis The XIV Chess Set by Nigri. Late 20th Century

Louis The XIV (The Sun King) Alabaster Chess Set from Italy Nigri King 6 1/4"Louis XIV (The Sun King) of France and his reign is the theme of this Nigri chess set. Hand-painted by Italian artisans and intricately molded for an incredible level of detail and beauty.

The pieces are crafted from a material named oxo-teak, a special compound of crushed alabaster which bears a strong resemblance to ivory. Nigri is an Italian company world renowned and famous for its high quality depictions of historical people and events. Each piece sits on top of an ornate metal base. No detail has been spared on these extra-large chess pieces. Signed "Nigri" trademark and includes signed certificate. King 6 1/4" with 2 3/4".Pawn 4 1/2" with 2"

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