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Three Musketeers-King vs Cardinal

This is a hand made and painted pewter Chess Set featuring Prince August molds. Each piece was hand poured and painted. The Chess board was hand made to resemble a city park in Paris. The board was hand painted and covered with resin. Each piece of sidewalk hand cast and placed.

This set is specifically Prince August's Three Musketeers - King vs Cardinal.

All the details on Prince August castings are historically correct from the time period that inspired them.

The squares on the playing field are 1 1/4 inch square
The board itself is 18" L x 18" W - Square
Without the pieces the board weighs 8.8 lbs

The playing field is made of acrylic resin and can be cleaned with any car wax and shined with a microfiber towel

Each piece has a separate stature to identify its place in the line up. The pieces range between 3" (tallest) and 2" (smallest). The pieces have a 1" diameter.

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