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1929 Barcelona Joc Catalan Chess Set (Chessbazaar)

Reproduced 1929 Barcelona Joc Catalan chess set in bud rosewood and boxwood. King size is 4.3", all pieces weighted

Citing from the chess-museum website:
"The Catalan Set (Joc Catalan) is a quite fascinating design dating back to the heady 20-ies when Barcelona was almost boiling over with the intensive economy and the artistic explosion known as Art Nouveau. Although numerous architects, painters, writers, sculptor, musicians, actors and composers distinguished themselves in those days, the preeminent name - and through his arts and crafts movement - father figure Antonio Gaudi
was the only one who achieved international acclaim and fame.

This set was presented in 1930 at the Barcelona International chess tournament - won by Tartakower - as "Catalan Set" - implying the newly emerging Catalan Nation had to have their own style of chess pieces! The set owed its existence to a crafts business called Casa Baqué, situated close to the Cathedral. Unfortunately shortly after the emerging Civil War cut short all Catalan cultural movements and activities, including chess - how many sets were made originally , is not known, but it can't have been a lot, and of those - close to nothing has remained."

Fantastic set produced by Chessbazaar.

Many thanks to Holger Langer for the description and the photos.

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