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Avant Garde Staunton Chessmen by Frank Camaratta

The Avant Garde Staunton Chessmen are the newest member of the Camaratta Signature Line of chessmen. Tired of the same boring variations on the Staunton design? Looking for something original – a new paradigm perhaps? Then here is a refreshing approach to brighten your chessic landscape. Meet the Avant Garde Staunton Chessmen. With their graceful, up-swept stems, piece-to-piece design consistency, mold-breaking Knights and a radical new King’s finial, these pieces make a statement like no other set of chessmen can. The chessmen are available in several different wood combinations. Shown here are the chess pieces in Tulip Wood and Rosewood. A set of Boxwood pieces are shown for clarity.

To cater to your creative side, this set of 38 chessmen is delivered with a second set of Queens, two distinct Knight styles and three interchangeable Kings’ finials. One steed is a variation on the more classic Knight, the other is simply a step beyond. Then there are those extra Kings finials. Apart from the more traditional Formee cross and Eastern ball finials, here is an entirely new concept, a fountain flowing gracefully into a Maltese cross. Each set of Avant Garde Staunton Chessmen has a full Club-size King, 4-1/2” tall, with a 1-7/8” diameter base, and is designed for play on chessboard with 2-3/8” or 2-1/2” squares.

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