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Northern Upright Vintage Reproduction

Staunton Castle proudly present their very latest, well-researched and precisely carved reproduction – the Northern Upright or Edinburgh Upright chess set.
This was a popular precursor of the Staunton pattern and is thought to have partly inspired the first Staunton design.

all pieces have slender and curvaceous stems with shapely half-dome bases,
the King is 5” tall and the overall proportions of the set are faithful to the original, with a pleasing gradation of height from the King down to the Castle,
the King and Queen are both imposing and elegant with flared columns and the same shape of top finial,
the Bishops have tall split mitres and fulsome tulip heads,
the Knights are finely hand-carved with slender columns and asymmetric manes,
the Castles have a very distinctive shape and have curved tops with four crenellations,
the Pawns have a balanced geometry with stable wide bases and spherical heads.

The chessmen are all felted and generously weighted ensuring balance and stability.

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