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Ivan the Terrible by Oleg Raikis, 2024

Ivan IV Vasilyevich (1530 – 1584), commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, was Grand Prince of Moscow and all Russia from 1533, and Tsar of all Russia from 1547 until his death in 1584. He was the first Russian monarch to be crowned as tsar.

The King is Ivan the Terrible.
The Queen is his first wife Anastasia Romanovna Zakharyina-Yurieva (he had at least 6 wifes).
The Bishop is a nobleman.
The Knight is a jester, a holy fool.
The Rook is a Tower of Kremlin.
The Pawn is oprichnik (a member of the Oprichnina, a bodyguard corps established by Ivan the Terrible).

The set was first made by Oleg in 1997. 5 sets from Mammoth Ivory have been made, this is the first and only copy of the set made from boxwood.

The king is 10cm.

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